Pre-Med Internship Experience - November 2013



Pre-Med Internship Experience - November 2013

St. Kate’s students are amazingly motivated and driven individuals.  Many students choose to wait a few years into their undergraduate careers to pursue research endeavors. Kalice Allen, however, had a different plan.

Pre-Med Internship in Milwaukee, WI

Kalice Allen is a Pre-Med sophomore majoring in Public Health.  This past summer, she participated in a research-based internship at the Medical College of Wisconsin called the Diversity Summer Health-related Research Education Program (DSHREP).  Her friend’s amazing research experience inspired her to pursue research of her own. She searched online for internships to start learning about all of the career options available.

A Day in the Life

Kalice worked at Froedert Hospital in the Cardiology Dept. under Dr. Michael Widlansky, a PI in the hospital. Her research focused on endothelial and mitochondrial dysfunction in patients with Type II diabetes.

She helped take and record patients’ vitals and measurements. She also helped with surgical prep and was fortunate enough to help the physician during the small surgical procedures. Kalice performed lab tests, and after completing the program, wrote and presented an abstract about their work to peers and medical professionals. kalice-allen-dshrep.jpg

She also learned a great deal from attending the weekly seminars put on by faculty presenting their own research.

Learned Experience

Through this internship, Kalice learned a great amount about medical school, the application process, how to be a strong/successful applicant, and what the medical school lifestyle is like.  She also learned about the variety of career options available with a PhD.

From her research and attendance at weekly lectures, she learned a great deal about cardiology and can successfully read echocardiograms, conduct a brachial artery ultra sound, and much more.  Kalice met and shadowed various medical professionals and gained experience in writing and presenting research, which has been extremely advantageous in her biology classes at St. Kate’s.

Best Moment

Kalice’s favorite moment was when she confirmed her desire to become a doctor. She was shadowing a physician in the Pediatric Emergency room amidst great chaos. She was touched by the traumatic stories of patients.

“As we went around room to room, I then felt sad because of the stories… they all looked so scared…in the room was the attending physician, a radiologist, a nurse, and an orthopedic specialist doing all that they could to fix this patient…the care that I saw in the physicians as they were working made me feel like they loved what they did. I knew at that moment that I wanted that same feeling and also the feeling of working on a team to complete a task so great as that.”

Soon after, her outlook was more positive and she loved how she felt after she left each patient’s room after being able to help. As Kalice phrased it, “…if I could wake up and feel like that everyday I went to work, I would do it for free.”

Fu​ture Plans

Kalice plans to attend the Medical College of Wisconsin in a few years and ultimately begin a career as a physician. 

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