Biology and PT



Biology and PT

Pre-PT Dual Degree

Applied Science in Biology (B.S.)/Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT)

Our department offers a 3+3 dual-degree program in Applied Science in Biology/Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT).  A description of this program may be found in the Pre-Professional Programs section of the catalog. The major is designed to have students complete the biology pre-physical therapy sequence of courses and supporting work for the DPT program.  This includes courses in biology, anatomy, physiology, chemistry, physics, psychology, statistics and mathematics, while providing a special emphasis in biology. Students complete liberal arts core requirements, all DPT prerequisites, 100 hours clinical experience, and the following biology courses for the program in biology.

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Physical Therapy Dual Degree Program Course Requirements

  • BIOL 1710: Foundations of  Biology I
  • CHEM 1110: General Chemistry I
  • BIOL 1720: Foundations of Biology II
  • CHEM 1120: General Chemistry II
  • BIOL 2710: Foundations of Biology III
  • Statistics: (Math 1100, PSYC 2050 or ECON 2200)
  • BIOL 2720: Sophomore Seminar (writing Intensive w/ BIOL 4850)
  • BIOL 3120: Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy
  • BIOL 3140: Comparative Vertebrate Physiology
  • BIOL 4850: Senior Seminar (writing intensive w/ BIOL 2720 and with a prerequisite of two 3000-level courses)
  • 4 additional credits in BIOL at 3000/4000 level or EXSS 3350 Kinesiology

If a student does not gain entry to the DPT program after the junior year, she completes the following courses for a major (B.S. degree) in biology:

  • CHEM 2010: Organic Chemistry I
  • 8 additional credits in Biology at the 3000 or 4000 level, including at least one 4-credit field course and at least 4 credits at the 4000 level
  • BIOL 4602: Internship or BIOL 4912: Research
  • Any additional courses to reach a total of 130 credits

For the BA Degree:

  • Foreign language thru 3rd semester (Intermediate I) level
  • An additional Philosophy or Theology course