Biology Department

Biology lab

Welcome to The Biology Department at St. Catherine University.

Our mission is to foster the development of women as scientists through a research-based, integrated biology curriculum. We provide classroom climates and field opportunities that foster collaboration and self-directed learning. We emphasize conceptual thinking and investigative inquiry. Our rigorous curriculum highlights core biological concepts and current laboratory techniques, as well as research writing, reading and discussion of primary scientific literature, experimental design, and data analysis skills. Many biology majors work with our faculty on novel research questions and have the opportunity to present their work at national scientific conferences. Through interconnections with other disciplines, we explore the role that the biological sciences play in understanding and addressing timely societal issues, both local and global.

Through our focus on conceptual understanding and hands-on engagement with current biological issues and methodologies, we prepare students for a wide range of careers in the biological sciences, including graduate research in ecology and environmental science, cellular and molecular biology, genetics, plant and animal physiology, behavior, public health, forensic science, and professional programs in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, and physical therapy.