Biology Safety Program



Biology Safety Program

The Biology Department at St. Catherine University seeks to provide students and employees with a thorough educational experience rooted in safety and responsibility. As such we have thought seriously about how our laboratory environments are organized and utilized. Every lab course begins and continues with safety in mind and our student employees are trained to work in the same fashion.

AWAIR + Biology Safety Plan

The Biology Department uses the AWAIR (A Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction) plan as developed by Public Safety at St. Catherine University as its safety foundation. However, since biology laboratories are unique environments, the Biology Department has specifically constructed rules and regulations that must be adhered to at all times when working in any biology laboratory. View the safety procedures »

Safe Environments

Since the backbone of a safe environment is the identification of potential hazards within that environment, the Biology Department has amended the Appendix C of The AWAIR Program to create the Report of Equipment Failure and Unsafe Condition Form . This form allows students, staff and faculty an opportunity to report on any potential hazards self-identified within the Biology Department. The form will also document any follow up to these concerns. If you notice anything that concerns you please feel free to print out the form, fill it out, and return it to MN18 for action.

Use of Blood

In the case of laboratory courses that use blood products for investigative exercises the Biology Department has developed a Blood Borne Pathogen Plan. This plan must be adhered to when using and working with blood products.

Hazardous Wastes

The generation of wastes considered hazardous is something we try to minimize in our Biology Laboratories. But in cases where hazardous waste is generated from a biological exercise we have developed the Hazardous Waste Plan. All wastes considered hazardous must be dealt with in this manner.