Athletics Branding Language

Athletics Branding Language

Use of St. Catherine University and St. Kate's

Consistency is a key element of effective branding. Therefore, when referencing or listing the Division III athletic teams of St. Catherine University, the following names should be used:

  • St. Kate's Wildcats
  • St. Kate's
  • St. Catherine University Wildcats
  • Note: The acronym SCU is never used.

University name

Any reference to the institution should be St. Catherine University on the first occurrence; on second reference, use St. Kate’s, St. Catherine or the University. Do not use the acronym SCU in any writing — including website or magazine stories about the athletics program and its teams. The acronym is also not used on uniforms and other apparel.

In social media posts, refer to the institution as St. Catherine or St. Kate’s. Do not use the acronym SCU. (The athletics Twitter handle — @SCUathletics —  is the only approved use of the acronym in athletics materials.)

Use of Wildcat vs. Wildcats

The Wildcat is the official emblem of St. Catherine University athletics, and its name should be used when referencing a team (Wildcat soccer) or a student-athlete (a Wildcat defender).

Use the plural “Wildcats” when referring to a group of individuals who represent a St. Catherine athletics team. Wildcats should not precede a single program name.


  • The Wildcats outshot the Auggies 28-12.
  • The Wildcat volleyball team enjoyed a 3-0 win.