Athletics Colors and Type Fonts

Athletics Colors and Type Fonts

Official Colors

St. Catherine University athletics colors are the institution's approved purple and gold: Pantone 268 and Pantone 7404, respectively.

Primary Colors

Athletics logos must always appear in the University's purple and gold. Use 100 percent of the designated color — do not use a tint or shade. When color is unavailable, the logo must appear in black on white or white reversed from black.

SCU Purple
Pantone 268
CMYK (82,100,0,12)
HEX 491A6A
SCU Gold
Pantone 7404
CMYK (0,10,100,0)
HEX F7D465





The approved background colors for all St. Catherine team uniforms and apparel are purple, gold, black, white and gray (shown here). See the Athletics, Uniforms and Apparel page for more information.

SCU Purple
  SCU Gold
  SCU Black
  SCU White 
 SCU Gray
 Pantone Cool Gray 4
 CMYK (12,7,6,17)





Athletics Type Font

The official type font for St. Catherine University athletics' identity is Cruiser, used only in UPPER CASE characters. Its use is limited to uniforms, other athletic apparel and promotional materials.