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Athletics Logos

Wildcat Logo

The Wildcat is the official emblem of St. Catherine University athletics and is shown here in its approved colors: the University purple and gold. The Wildcat must always appear with one of the athletics approved wordmarks displayed farther down on this page.

The Wildcat logo is original artwork and may not be redrawn or altered in any way, such as by adding clothing items or symbols to create a “themed” Wildcat. The logo must appear only in the versions shown and not in any other color combinations.

The image always faces right (moving forward), never left. The official Wildcat logo is only a head; there is no "full body" version of the Wildcat.

Wildcats Logo

Purple with a gold outline and features.


Wildcats Logo on Gold

When the logo appears on a gold background, an additional purple outline defines the edge.

Note that the Wildcat logo is never "boxed."



When color is unavailable, the Wildcat appears in black and white.


Wordmark Logos

The official athletics typeface, Cruiser, defines the two approved wordmarks: St. Catherine University and its longtime moniker, St. Kate's. The acronym SCU may not be used.

One Color (on a solid background color)

Gold on Purple                         athletics_b_stcatherineuni_type04-1.jpg


One Color (on a solid background color)

Purple on Gold                        athletics_b_stkates_type02-1.jpg


Two Color (on a black background)

Two Color on White


Two Color (on a white background)

athletics_b_stcatherineuni_type02.jpg                     athletics_b_stkates_type04-1.jpg



The acronym SCU is not a recognized logo at St. Catherine University, and is not used on athletics uniforms, apparel, or promotional materials, or in digital or print stories about the athletics program.