Athletics Sub-brands



Athletics Sub-brands

Sub-brand Logos

These logos combine a version of the athletics wordmark, the wildcat logo and the word “athletics” or sport name. The placement of elements within these logos represents the only official options. The official color combinations apply to all versions.

Purple on Gold St. Kate's Wide               Gold on Purple St. Kate's Wide


Two Color on White St. Kate's Square               Two Color on Black St. Kate's Square



The acronym SCU (for St. Catherine University) is restricted to coaches' clothing and athletes' uniforms where limited space prohibits spelling out the institution's full name. Examples of approved usage of SCU include the breast pocket of a coach's shirt and across the lower right leg of a student-athlete's shorts. If in doubt about whether or when to use the acronym, please e-mail Athletics Director Eric Stacey or Marketing and Communications Director Amy Gage.

Purple on Gold SCU Rectangle                                                Gold on Purple SCU Rectangle



Two Color on White SCU Square                                                Two Color on Black SCU Square