Wildcat Logo (Mascot)



Wildcat Logo (Mascot)

Approved colors for the Wildcat logo are shown here. The logo should appear only in the versions shown and not in any other color combinations. Note that the Wildcat logo is only a head; there is no official "full body" version of the Wildcat.

The Wildcat logo must not be altered in any way, such as adding clothing items or symbols to create a “themed” Wildcat. The image always faces right (moving forward), never left. When color is not available, the Wildcat image should appear in black and white -- with the head being black and the accent color being white.

Wildcats Logo



Purple with a gold outline and features.

Wildcats Logo on Gold
When the logo appears on a gold background, additional purple outline is added.

Note that the Wildcat logo is never "boxed." The version shown here is meant to represent how a purple Wildcat could look on gold fabric.