Branding and Visual Identity site

Welcome to the branding and visual identity policies for St. Catherine University, a comprehensive university that has been educating students to lead and influence since 1905. St. Catherine prepares students to make a difference in their professions, their communities and the world. At the University's heart is the largest, most innovative college for women in the nation. St. Kate's also offers a range of graduate and associate programs for women and men.

Branding standards support and promote the University's reputation. They lend consistent visuals and a single, compelling voice to all communications, marketing initiatives and University-authorized products. A standard brand identity also heightens the University's visibility and strengthens the value of a St. Catherine degree.


Brand: The identity of a specific product, service or business. This is the impression we want to leave our audiences, including prospective students, parents, alumnae and the media.

Brand identity: The outward expression of a brand. This is the totality of logo, visuals and words.

Visual identity: The colors, typography and images that symbolize the brand. At St. Catherine, this includes the University's logo and rose window icon.

Editorial style: The standards for clear and consistent writing. This style ensures effective communication of the University's brand and key messages.

By following the policies on this website, you will help present a coherent St. Catherine brand to our audiences. The Office of Marketing and Communications welcomes your questions and comments. Call the MarComm office at 651-690-6831.