O'Shaughnessy Branding

O'Shaughnessy Branding

The O'Shaughnessy logo complements the St. Catherine brand by using the University purple as its signature color and the Stone Serif typeface that is part of the University logo.

Master Logos

_OSHAG_Logo_RGB_268_positive.jpg    _OSHAG_Logo_RGB_Black_positive.jpg

_OSHAG_Logo_RGB_268.jpg    new_OSHAG-bw.jpg

This logo (shown on different background colors) is the primary graphic identity for The O’Shaughnessy. It always includes the words ST. CATHERINE UNIVERSITY.

Policies for the logo's use include:

  • The logo must be present on all O’Shaughnessy communications, including programs, business letterhead, websites, videos and advertising.
  • The logo may not be manipulated or altered.

Digital Version of Logo


Because The O'Shaughnessy website has a black background, a version of the logo with a purple O is used for digital purposes.

O’Shaughnessy Colors

The primary color is purple on a white field, or white reversed in a purple field. When purple is unavailable, substitute black.

SCU Purple
Pantone 268
CMYK (82,100,0,12)
HEX 491A6A


To maintain a consistent look, the following font families are used for all University print materials.

Primary Typefaces

St. Catherine University's primary font is Stone, and that font is used for all O'Shaughnessy materials. Stone has both serif and sans serif characters in a variety of weights.

Serif fonts are used for correspondence, with sans serif reserved for subheds within letters and other correspondence. Print materials employ both serif and sans serif in layouts depending on the piece's audience and goals.

Serif typeface: ITC Stone Serif


Sans serif typefaces: ITC Stone Sans, ITC Stone Humanist