Sub Logo Colors

Sub Logo Colors

The formal sub logo — to identify a school, college, center, initiative or other University unit  — should appear in the St. Catherine purple. Formal sub logos may also appear in black on white or in "reverse," white on University purple.


SCU Purple
Pantone 268
CMYK (82,100,0,12)
HEX 491A6A
       SCU Black






SHAS_Sublogo_CMYK.gif          SHAS_Sublogo_black.gif


The informal sub logo — St. Kate's — may be used in the following colors.

One Color (University purple on white; or black on white; or reversed)


SCU_St.Kate_268_rev_RGB.jpg                   SCU_St.Kate_K_rev.jpg

Two Colors (University purple and gold)

SCU_St.Kate_268-on-7404.jpg                   SCU_St.Kate_1404-on-268.jpg