Sub Logos

Sub Logos

St. Catherine University has two types of sub logos: formal and informal.

Formal sub logos combine the name of the University with the rose window image and the name of a school, college, center, initiative or other unit within the University. Formal sub logos have two styles: horizontal and stacked. A formal sub logo may be used in place of the master logo in cases where it is appropriate to emphasize a particular entity within the University.


Formal Sub Logos

Formal sub logos should appear in the University's purple on white, in black on white or in "reverse," white on University purple.


The University name is a single line, allowing two lines for the longer name of a School (which uses Stone sans serif for readability in small sizes).

Here are the approved examples of the horizontal style (in which the name of the University is one line):




Institutes and Other Entities

The formal sub logos for various wings of the University are designed to keep the University name prominent while highlighting the institute, office or center's name. Sub logos can be created for a department or other entity only with the approval of the President or the vice president in charge.

Here are some approved examples of the stacked style (in which the name of the University is more prominent):




Informal Sub Logos

Informal sub logos highlight the moniker "St. Kate's," which is the University's informal identity and nickname. Informal sub logos do not stand alone. The University's master logo must always be used in conjunction with the informal sub logos.


The St. Kate's logo may be used in University purple on white, black on white or "reverse," white on University purple. St. Catherine University's master logo must appear on any materials (including brochures, folders and apparel) that feature either of the St. Kate's sub logos.


Day Admission Sub Logo


The multi-colored St. Kate's logo is used only in materials for prospective and current students in the baccalaureate College for Women (excluding the Evening/Weekend/Online program).

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