Justice Immersion Trips



Justice Immersion Trips

Justice Immersion Trips provide students with off-campus opportunities to learn about and advocate for justice. These trips blend community living, some hands-on service, learning, and active reflection to help students examine justice through a lens of faith in their lives and in the world. Students interested in participating in Justice Immersion trips should contact Campus Ministry.

School of Americas (SOA); Fort Benning, Georgia

The School of Americas is a military training facility for Latin American soldiers. The graduates of this school have a strong history of torture, murder, and human rights abuses. Each November, on the anniversary of the death of six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her daughter at the hands of SOA graduates, tens of thousands of people gather at the gates of the SOA to protest and hold a vigil in witness to the atrocities that occur because of this school.

Encounter El Salvador; San Salvador, El Salvador

El Salvador offers a profound perspective on our global realities.  While in El Salvador, students will explore our participation in, and relationship to, many issues affecting our sisters and brothers worldwide. Students will witness the effects of social change and community development through the stories and examples of Salvadorans who have actively sought to make a difference. 

Homelessness Immersion; Denver, Colorado

This long-standing immersion centered around homelessness will familiarize participants to different approaches to addressing social problems such as direct service, legislative advocacy, and community organizing.  We do this in Denver through hands-on interactions with community members, grassroots organizations, and social service groups.  Denver offers a way to step outside of our own community to witness social issues, making it possible upon our return to see our community in a different way. 

Twin Cities Immersion; Metro Area, Minnesota

Our Twin Cities Immersion experience is a wonderful way to connect the themes and issues experienced on other trips back to our local community, and also, a perfect first trip to 'get your feet wet' in social justice! Students explore many issues affecting our local community and critically examine their causes and work towards addressing the roots and systems at the heart of the injustices they witness.