Retreats & Spirituality



Retreats & Spirituality

Campus Ministry offers many different ways for students to retreat from the chaos of daily life and to seek spiritual guidance and growth.

Students who are interested in any of the Retreats or Spiritual Growth opportunities should contact Marta Pereira, Spirituality and Retreats coordinator (651.699.6780 or

Prayer partners

Campus Ministry provides a venue for students to seek out a prayer partner. A prayer partner is a person who will pray for students daily and students for him/her. Students don't need to be Catholic to have a prayer partner. Prayer partners want to support students in all that you need to be successful in college. Log in to learn more »

Spiritual mentors

Spiritual mentors are available to listen to whatever students bring, offering a reflective & supportive presence. With academic competence and real life experiences, Spiritual Mentors provide guidance and space to students to explore and discover a path to the divine. There is no fee to meet with a spiritual mentor and sessions take place around a student's schedule on the Minneapolis or St. Paul campus. Log in to learn more about the Spiritual Mentors »

Small faith sharing groups

A way to connect with friends and to celebrate and support one another in college, Sharing of the Heart groups are intentionally formed communities that run for a set amount of time each semester that allow participants to connect in faith and friendship over a specific theme or topic. They range in themes and vary in faith-sharing and bible study opportunities.


Campus Ministry offers retreats experiences throughout the year as a way to reconnect and go deeper.

Past retreats

  • Branch Out: Reach Toward God and Others: An opportunity to feel grounded and present in spirituality on the St. Kate's campus. Discover the complexities of faith and community through observation of the complexities of nature. Open to all students, regardless of religion, belief, ability, orientation, or culture.
  • Emmaus Dinners: Join us for a meal and spiritual discussion. 
  • Growing Through Guidance: This retreat starts on Ash Wednesday and continues throughout Lent. Each participant is paired with a spiritual mentor or guide, who she will meet with to pray and go deeper through reflections and conversations. It is open to any students at St. Kate's. It is a great way to take time to recognize God's presence throughout our daily lives.

RCIA & Confirmation

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA)

This program is for SCU students who would like to explore receiving the sacraments of Baptism, confirmation, and/or First Eucharist. It is also for students who are already baptized in another Christian denomination and would like to be come Catholic. Sacraments typically occur at the Easter Vigil each year.


Confirmation preparation will take place on most Wednesdays in March and April during spring semester. Any students desiring to be Confirmed must register for the preparation process.