Social Justice



Social Justice

Social Justice is a central aspect of the mission of St. Kate's Campus Ministry. The commitment to social justice is grounded in the University's heritage, both in its roots as a school and in the larger sense of Catholic identity. It reflects the Sisters' commitment to "serve the dear neighbor." Campus Ministry remains one place among many where the legacy of the Sisters of St. Joseph continues to shine brightly at St. Kate's.

Justice Immersion Trips

Justice Immersion Trips are a unique opportunity to witness social injustices through a lens of faith. Learn about other cultures, the root causes of various social justice issues, and about how trip experiences and themes have an impact on our lives at St. Kate's. Learn more »

Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Catholic Relief Services is an international organization involved in aid, justice, advocacy, and educational efforts worldwide. Their purpose in the U.S. is to spread awareness and encourage advocacy for issues occurring all over the world. Two student CRS Campus Ambassadors work to bring CRS programming and concerns to the attention of our campus and to engage students in work around human trafficking, hunger, the conflict in Sudan, and many other important issues CRS works with.

Volunteers in Action (VIA)

Volunteers in Action supports a balance of charity and justice. By offering regular longer-term volunteer opportunities to students, VIA engages volunteers in the community and culture of the places they serve. This gives students an opportunity to learn about the issues first-hand from the people they serve by forming relationships with them. Through civic engagement opportunities the students can then translate their experiences into direct action against injustice. Learn more »