Internship Faculty Advisor Information

Internship Faculty Advisor Information

Information for Faculty Internship Advisors (FIA)

The FIA is responsible for helping the intern integrate the internship into her total academic experience. She/he:

  • provides academic direction and evaluates the learning derived from the internship
  • meets with the intern to assist her in defining her Learning Contract objectives and learning tasks and strategies that support them
  • maintains appropriate contact with the student throughout her experience to give direction and support
  • the FIA is asked to initiate a phone call to the site supervisor and intern sometime during the first ten days of the semester to establish contact and communication
  • conducts an on-site evaluation meeting with the student intern and site supervisor midpoint in the internship experience to evaluate the student’s learning and experience to date. The student is responsible for arranging this meeting among the three participants. The Mid-Semester Intern Evaluation form can be used as a basis for discussion at this meeting. When an on-site evaluation is not possible, the evaluation is to be conducted by telephone and is the FIA’s responsibility to do this.
  • At the end of the semester, the FIA and student intern meet to review her journal, major work project, and to provide closure to the experience
  • The FIA evaluates the student intern’s learning and assigns and submits the grade

The role of faculty internship advisor includes the following:

  • Co-sign student’s internship registration permit
  • Provide guidance to the student with the development of her learning contract goals and objectives
  • Review and sign off on intern’s completed Learning Contract
  • Participate in Mid-Semester Evaluation meeting with Intern and Site Supervisor at internship site
  • Monitor and ensure Site Supervisor’s timely completion of Final Evaluation form and wrap-up of internship
  • Meet with student to conduct Final Reflection Discussion and collect the Personal Internship Portfolio