Register for Your Credit Internship

Register for Your Credit Internship

Steps to Set Up a Credit Internship

  • Secure your internship
  • Find a Faculty Internship Advisor. This must be a professor in your department.
  • Submit your online SCU Internship Program Application
    • Assemble your materials before completing the application to avoid delays in your process:
    • Receive confirmation that you have been hired at the internship site
    • Obtain contact information for your Site Supervisor (including email and phone)
    • Receive confirmation from your Faculty Internship Advisor that s/he is willing to supervise your credit internship
    • Once you have all of your information available - Fill Out the Credit Internship Application below
    • Schedule a meeting with Laura Zirngible, Internship Director for internship and approval to register form.  Schedule your appointment early as there are more steps to be taken before you can receive the approval to register form.

Summer Registration Deadline - June 4, 2014 | Remember you must have the approval to register form signed prior to deadline

For general internship questions contact the Career Development office 615.690.8890 or email

To schedule your Internship Set-Up Meeting with Laura Zirngible contact the Career Development office 651.690.8890

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