Credit Internship Options

Credit Internship Options

Spring 2016 Internship Applications now open.

What is a Credit internship?

A Credit internship is a proactively planned experience in cooperation with you and:

  • Faculty Internship Advisor (FIA): Is a faculty member you have chosen from the department affiliated with your internship. The FIA evaluates the learning derived from the internship.
  • Internship Director: Provides the primary guidance to prospective interns, FIAs and Internship supervisors regarding the process of securing and participating in an academically appropriate internship. 
  • Internship Supervisor: Provides supervision, direction and evaluation of the intern's work. 

Credit internship requirements:

  • Coordinated between: a Faculty Internship Adviser, the Internship Director, and your internship supervisor
  • Receives a letter grade on your transcript
  • Must be affiliated with your major or minor; designated as course #4602/4604
  • Tuition charged for credits
  • Project oriented experience that cannot be more than 20% clerical in nature

Credit Option Process

  1. Secure your internship position and start date
  2. Secure a Faculty Internship Advisor (FIA)
  3. Complete the Credit Internship Application (linked below)
  4. Receive and complete the Internship Goals Worksheet (sent to your St. Kate's account)
  5. Schedule Set-Up Meeting with Laura Zirngible, Internship Director (651.690.8890) to:
    • review the Internship Goals Worksheet
    • receive a signed Internship Registration Permit
  6. Plan to attend the Internship Wrap-Up Workshop

As a Credit intern, you are required to complete and submit this application. You will need to provide the following information:

  1. Basic student information
  2. Faculty Internship Advisor name and email
  3. Internship start and end dates 
  4. Internship position title
  5. Site name/organization, address and zip 
  6. Internship Supervisors name and position  title 
  7. Internship Supervisor's phone number and email

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