Alumni Appreciate Java and Job Search Workshops

Alumni Appreciate Java and Job Search Workshops

java-sq-250px.jpgRecently 23 alumni successfully completed an eight week Java and Job Search Workshop. For several years the Career Development office has offered this professionally-led opportunity designed to assist graduate students and alumni who are in career transition. Each week covers a different topic like: resumes, networking, researching potential employers, staying positive while you search, etc.

Several groups have formed informal support networks after the workshop has finished. One such group concentrates on consulting opportunities. New series are offered several times each year. Details and Registration information.

Comments from group members:
"This group was a real bright spot in my week! Thank you to the person who formulated this program and the department that is funding it!!! I think our group and this program really embody the spirit and values of St Catherine's. Most of all I want to thank our career development counselor for her kindness, warm words of support, encouragement , flexibility and for being a fantastic leader of our group!"

"I thought the group reviewing cover letters and resumes was the most helpful. Having a variety of people provide feedback was very useful in revising my resume and cover letter."

"Loved, loved, loved the work force speaker. Overall, this helped me keep my head above water and my feeling of worth during this difficult time."

"I enjoyed the discussion on LinkedIn...The most helpful was the topic of support and encouragement. I felt it at every meeting I attended. Honestly, I think I needed that the most."