LinkedIn LogoLinkedIn has become perhaps the primary tool for:

  • networking with alumni
  • finding jobs
  • researching employers
  • participating in conversations related to your career field 

Surveys show that 90% of employers view your LinkedIn profile before offering an interview. It is important to have a current, professional profile to successfully network and build your career.

Building a LinkedIn ProfilePhotos of Students with LinkedIn Profile Checklist

  • Use these great student tutorials to help you build and improve your profile. They will also help you learn how to network, build your personal brand or find an internship using LinkedIn.
  • Come to the Career Development Office to get individual assistance with starting or improving your profile. See hours and services

Networking via LinkedIn

Many professionals are happy to help students learn about their mutual career field or to connect with employers. Always use the following guidelines when networking:

  • Introduce yourself and explain that you are a Katie
  • Ask them if they would be willing to talk with you briefly about their career field or company. Tell them you are looking for 15-20 minutes of their time.
  • If they agree, exchange contact information and agree on a time
  • Have some questions ready to ask them when you talk. Be respectful of the agreed time commitment. Sample Informational Interview Questions
  • Send a Thank You note.

Connecting with Alumni on LinkedIn

Download the How-To Network with Alumnae via LinkedIn Guide

There are several things you should do to find alumni in your field on LinkedIn. Try them all for best results.

  1. Request to join the St. Catherine University Alumnae Relations group by searching for that name and making the request. Once admitted, you will see conversations about events and topics of interests. You can then connect with Katies in your field. Both students and alumni are eligible to join the group. You may wish to join other St. Catherine LinkedIn groups related to your major.

  2. From your LinkedIn profile, search St. Catherine University and choose the option with the rose window image. Follow the directions in the guide to find alumni.

 If you need assistance stop in the Career Development Office during walk-in hours or make an appointment by calling 651.690.8890.

Employers and LinkedIn

  • Research potential employers, look for job/internships and prepare for interviews by reading their LinkedIn pages
  • Follow the company to get updates from them and to show your interest
  • Get business cards from recruiters you meet at Career Fairs and connect with them on LinkedIn. Send a message re-stating your interest and reminding them of your conversation.
  • Join industry groups. Follow the conversation and contribute as appropriate.