Non-Credit Internship Option

Non-Credit Internship Option

Spring 2016 Applications now open.

What is a Non-Credit Internship?

A Non-Credit internship is a proactively planned, career-building experience, coordinated primarily by the student and the site. Participating in the Non-Credit Internship process allows you to apply structure and self-direct your internship experience.

Non-Credit Internships DO NOT:

  • Involve a Faculty Internship Adviser
  • Involve Internship Director/Program oversight, but a Check-In Meeting before beginning your experience is suggested
  • Require supervision by site
  • Affiliate with a specific major or minor
  • Require a tuition charge or program fee
  • Appear on your transcript

Examples of Non-Credit Experiences:

  • Paid or unpaid formal internship
  • Volunteer work
  • Short-term project
  • Contracted work

Non-Credit Guidance Packet

As a participant of the Non-Credit Internship Option you will have access to the Non-Credit Guidance Packet. The Packet consists of various tools designed to guide you through the completion of a successful internship.

Non-Credit Guidance Packet Includes:
This resource will be emailed to your email once you have completed the online Non-Credit Internship Application.

  • Welcome Letter
  • Process Checklist: Following this process will help you to complete a successful experience
  • Non-Credit Goals Worksheet: Helps you determine your goals
  • Performance Evaluation: To be filled out by your supervisor; designed to give you feedback and stay informed of your progress
  • TIPS Lists: 2 lists giving you tips to succeed during your experience
  • Contact Guru: A networking tool to help you stay connected

Non-Credit Option Process

  1. Complete the online Non-Credit Internship Application
  2. Receive the Welcome Email and the Non-Credit Guidance Packet
  3. Attend the recommended Check-In Meeting with the Internship Team
  4. Complete the Non-Credit Goals Worksheet with your supervisor
  5. Start your experience!
  6. Request a feedback meeting with your supervisor -- use the Performance Evaluation in your Packet
  7. Complete the Contact Guru networking tool
  8. Attend the Internship Wrap-Up Workshop

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