Portfolios and Work Samples

Portfolios and Work Samples

A portfolio is an organized presentation of an individual's work samples or projects - either online or in person. Several professions typically require a portfolios including teaching, communications, fashion design and others. Be sure to save digital and hard copies of your student work that may be useful later to highlight your skills.

Portfolios for Teachers and Others

For educators: many school districts now view all application documents online-including past work products. Bring hard copies of artifacts you would like the administrators to see to the actual interview in case they have not viewed them earlier.

St. Catherine University has limited licenses for e-Portfolio software. This software allows you to archive your work and choose which of your work products you want to share with each targeted employer. Check with the Career Development office about gaining access. This free account goes with students after graduation for on-going use.

LinkedIn Your LinkedIn profile can now include .pdfs, videos and PowerPoint presentations. Please note - anything loaded in this area is visible to everyone who can see your profile so choose carefully. Use good judgment about intellectual property, for example do not post anything that is confidential or proprietary. 

E-folio Minnesota Website E-folio Minnesota requires a yearly fee to place your portfolio onto a website for school districts and other employers to view. 

Create Your Own Website Investigate free options like Weebly, WordPress and other software. Creating your own website gives you flexibility.

Portfolio Tips