Mentoring in the CATIE Region

Mentoring in the CATIE Region

Here are some mentoring programs we've heard about. If you would like to add your program to this list, please send us an email.


Mt. Sinai Medical Center

Donna Reiter-Brandwein & Teri Hedding

Setting: Medical / Health Care

Target: certified, pre-certified, students

Chicago Hearing Society

Mary Mulcrone Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Program

Setting: Freelance

Target: Experienced freelance interpreters, Deaf interpreters, newly working interpreters.

The purpose of the Mary Mulcrone Peer-to-Peer Mentorship Program is to be a self-supporting adjunct to Chicago Hearing Society’s interpreter referral service by providing professional development for experienced freelance interpreters, Deaf interpreters and newly working interpreters. The mentorship program matches interpreters seeking to broaden their skills with peer mentors who can guide that skill development. This is accomplished over a period of six to twelve weeks through observation, interpreting, professional research or training off-site, feedback and discussion with the peer mentor and with consumers. For more information about the mentorship program, please email

Mentees pay for mentoring services – these fees are subsidized by donations to the program.


A one-year state-funded mentoring grant project, which ended October, 2007, was focused on preparing community interpreters to take the NIC performance test.

C & C Connection, LLC

Indianapolis, IN

Offers mentoring services.

Office-317-247-0295 v/tty; email:

Mentoring services are also offered through Sorenson VRS Centers.


ISRID Mentorship Partnership

Setting: All

Target: Pre-certified/ “pre-licensed” interpreters

The Iowa Mentoring Partnership is a collaboration between the Iowa Department of Education, the Iowa School for the Deaf, the Iowa State Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, the Interpreter Training Programs at Kirkwood Community College, Scott Community College, and Iowa Western Community College, and the Deaf Services Commission of Iowa, Iowa Department of Human Rights. Contact: Lisa Furney, 1529 SE Delaware Ave. #8, Ankeny, IA 50021. (515) 963-8156 or (641) 891-8025


Program Development with the Kansas Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing; Rebecca Rosenthal, Executive Director

Also see Missouri - Sign Language Specialists


Michigan Mentoring Program

Setting: All

Target: non-certified interpreters in Michigan

The Michigan Mentoring Program recognizes that there is a lack of nationally certified Interpreters in the state to provide quality services to its Deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing populations. Michigan Mentoring Program's Mission: To facilitate Interpreter mentor/mentee relationships throughout the state and to provide non-certified Interpreters with the appropriate resources to become nationally certified. Mentoring is provided in one of three ways: One-on-one: individual mentoring with a certified interpreter or Deaf mentor; Group: intensive small group study led by a mentor team; Video: a videotape feedback exchange between mentor and mentee. Mentors are paid a stipend of $250.00 per completed mentorship. Contact: Donna Leahy


K-12 Interpreter Mentors (secured by each individual school district with pre-certified interpreters on staff)

Setting: Education

Target: Pre-certified interpreters in K-12 settings

Mateo Bonn, Two Languages Two Worlds

Email address:

Text number: 612 388 0859

Sorenson VRS – Catharine Van Nostrand, lead mentor


Setting: All

Target: Pre-certified and NAD III interpreters

StoryBlend is a unique language and interpretation immersion institute for sign language interpreters held on the campus of St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota. Participants work with Deaf mentors for two weeks to improve their skills.

Everyone is guided through activities and games that encourage sharing of stories and experiences; then, together with the directors, create a short play in ASL and English based on those stories.

The focus is on the process of sharing and translating our stories NOT the performance - you do not need any theater background or experience!

StoryBlend is open to sign language interpreters who have graduated from an interpreting program and are either pre-certified or have NAD level 3 certification and have limited exposure to the adult Deaf community. Interpreters who do not meet these exact criteria should check about possible application.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to build skills and relationships while having a lot of fun!

Patty Gordon,


Sign Language Specialists

Setting: Freelance

Target: any interpreters

Personal Mentorship Training – For interpreters committed to expanding skills. This comprehensive, eight-week program offers an intensive, customized learning experience. In addition to weekly sessions with a mentor, mentees complete outside preparation and journaling, all designed to achieve measurable results. P.O. Box 954, Lee' s Summit, MO 64063; 816.246.8770, 866-372-1773, fax 816.246.8531


Nebraska Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing - Resources for Interpreter Development

Setting: All

Target: any interpreters


ISLR Mentorship Program within OSD – Center for Outreach Services

Setting: Education

Target: All interpreters in Ohio; priority given to educational interpreters or those seeking employment in Ohio K-12 settings.

ISLR runs three 12-week mentoring sessions per year (fall, winter and spring). Offer individual, group and distance mentoring services.


Interpreting Solutions, Milwaukee

Settings: Freelance

Target: “state verified” and pre-certified interpreters; students, certified interpreters

Interpreting Solutions, Inc. offers one-on-one and small group mentoring to help state verified or nationally certified interpreters increase their knowledge, skill and competence; focus on language development and the interpreting process and development a network of colleagues to provide professional support and insight. Mentoring sessions last 90 minutes and focus on a specific issue raised by the individual group. Some examples include: Private ASL lessons, Professional Development, ASL or English Vocabulary Development, Concentrated work in specific linguistic aspects of ASL ,Job shadowing including briefing and debriefing sessions. Interpreting Solutions, Inc. offers mentoring to students, certified interpreters as well as to the general public. Our goal is to help anyone who is interested in communicating with the deaf and hard of hearing to gain and improve proficiency. Contact: Brenda Walker Prudhom.

Sorenson VRS Center