Community Gatherings

Community Gatherings

The Center for Women provides an environment for women to share ideas and create networks of activists. St. Catherine University community members are able to use the space as a resource and gathering area for events, organization meetings and discussions.

Bag Lunch Discussions

Throughout the academic year, the Center for Women hosts the Women's Studies (WOST) and Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity (CRST) monthly bag lunch discussions series. The series brings together faculty, students, staff, and community members to discuss current research and creative endeavors.

Friday, February 14
12-1:30 pm
Center for Women, Coeur de Catherine 230

“The Power of Knowledge: Hmong Women, Food, and Critical Hmong Studies”

Dr. Vang will talk about her study titled Hmong Women and Empowerment. She interviewed 12 Hmong women about their empowerment work with other Hmong women. Her study participants identified the importance of being able to navigate women's roles in both American and Hmong culture.

Dr. Wilcox will present a paper she co-authored with St. Kate's student Panyia Kong, titled How to Eat Right in America: Power, Knowledge, and the Science of Hmong American Food and Health. Through analysis of published articles, they concluded that mainstream scientific discourses are rooted in Eurocentric epistemology and have constituted Hmong Americans as subjugated Others.

Pa Der Vang, Ph.D., School of Social Work

Hui Wilcox, Associate Professor, Sociology, Women's Studies, and Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity