Krieger Scholarship

Krieger Scholarship

The Krieger Scholarship is a tuition-based scholarship that is awarded to a recipient who is a giver, someone willing to share time with a sibling, an older family member, or people in the community.

Eligible applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be willing to share time with a family member, a friend, or people in the community
  • Have senior class status during the 2014-2015 academic year (92 or more credits) and be in good standing with St. Catherine¬†University
  • Be enrolled at St. Catherine University in the Day or Weekend baccalaureate degree program as at least a half time¬†student (6 credits per semester) during all or part of the award year
  • Have no previous baccalaureate degree
  • Expect to graduate in May or December 2015

Scholarship Application

The application consists of an application form, an essay, and two recommendation letters (at least one must be from a St. Kate's faculty staff member).

Look for application materials in April of each academic year. They are usually due in late May.