Phillips Scholarship

Phillips Scholarship

$16,500 Phillips Scholars Educational Award

The Phillips Family Foundation recognizes and rewards private college students, from a variety of disciplines, who strive to make life better for those with unmet needs. Students from Minnesota's 16 private colleges are challenged to think creatively and become community-service leaders.

At St. Catherine University, the Abigail Quigley McCarthy Center for Women facilitates the process to select a finalist who'll compete for one of six $16,500 Phillips Scholarships. May 2017 graduates are invited to apply for the Phillips scholarship in fall semester 2014.

Apply if you (eligible applicants must meet all the following criteria):

  • will be a full-time Day or Evening/Weekend/Online St. Catherine student in the baccalaureate program;
  • will be a sophomore during the 2014-2015 academic school year and/or graduating in May 2017;
  • have a GPA of 2.75 or higher;
  • have demonstrated current financial need (contact Center for Women to confirm);
  • aspire to serve disadvantaged communities;
  • have a history of participating in campus activities and an interest in community service and volunteering; and
  • are committed to designing and implementing a Minnesota-focused service project in the summer of 2016.

Interested applicants should submit the following pre-application materials:

  • a letter of interest (include service project idea with as much detail as possible—please refer to the “Developing Your Phillips Service Project Idea” handout);
  • a resume (please include a list of leadership activities on and off campus);
  • 3 recommendation letters (at least one must be from a St. Kate's faculty or staff member);
  • an unofficial St. Kate’s transcript.

Contact the Center for Women to start the process. Pre-application materials are usually due in mid-December of each year. More information and resources are available through the Scholarship main website»

The Phillips Scholars Program is administered by the Minnesota Private College Fund in partnership with Minnesota's 16 private colleges and universities. The Phillips Scholars Program is funded through a generous gift from Jay and Rose Phillips Family Foundation. Please note that the Foundation does not accept applications directly from students. The Center for Women can help you with your guestions and assist you in planning your community service project.

Past St. Kate's Phillips Scholars:

  • Mai Yang Xiong will provide resources and networking opportunities for low income St. Paul high school students who aspire to create music with passion in summer 2014 (2013-2015 recipient).
  • Jicarra Hollman, ignited the 'spark' in elderly residents through participation in activities, sharing life experiences, and bridging cultures by creating long lasting relationships across generations during summer 2013 (2012-2014 recipient).
  • Jodi Stumpner provided equitable opportunities for underserved youth in eco-education with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Jodi implemented her project during summer 2012 (2011-2013 recipient).
  • Sheng Xiong created curriculum for a culturally specific program dedicated to improving and empowering the lives of Hmong teen girls living with health issues or disabilities. Her program aimed to help young women develop leadership skills and to foster stronger ties to the Hmong community. Sheng, a St. Kate's Occupational Therapy student, died in December 2009. In honor of Sheng, the Center for Women sponsored a small scale focused project to support Hmong families who have children living with a health condition (2009-2011 recipient).
  • Jewelly Lee mentored and empowered Hmong high school students as they explored future possibilities through workshops focused on self-empowerment, college preparation, and career development during summer 2009 (2008-2010 recipient).
  • Amanda Ortega motivated Hispanic students to aspire and seek higher education by informing the Hispanic young adults and their families of the college entrance process and the benefits of higher education during summer 2007 (2006-2008 recipient).
  • Palma Cady provided summer art and performance activities for youth, in partnership with the Heart of the Beast Theater in Minneapolis during summer 2003 (2002-2004 recipient).
  • Willie Pearl Evans created literacy initiatives at Hope Community, Inc. and Sabathani in Minneapolis, as well as a leadership group for young women of color and outreach to single parents during summer 2001 (2000-2002 recipient).