Clare Boothe Luce Scholars

Clare Boothe Luce Scholars

St. Catherine University was awarded a grant in the fall of 2012 from the Clare Boothe Luce (CBL) program of the Henry Luce Foundation. The grant is focused on increasing and enhancing undergraduate research opportunities for students majoring in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry/Bio-chemistry. As stated in Clare Boothe Luce's will, the program is intended to "encourage women to enter, study, graduate, and teach" in fields where there have been various obstacles, professional and personal, to their advancement.

With the goal to increase the number of women in disciplines in which they are under-represented, grant priority will be given to students majoring in mathematics and physics with awards to chemistry majors limited to one each year. The CBL Research Scholars will be included in the University's Summer Scholars program and the students will participate in other University-supported STEM programs and initiatives.

In addition, drawing on the expertise of the University's renowned faculty, CBL Research Scholars will collaborate with a faculty mentor on a research project during the summer and the academic year. Students will engage in monthly meetings with their mentors and other scholars to discuss recent developments in their field.

For more information on the application process, contact Lynda Szymanski.

Faculty in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry are encouraged to apply. Application materials are available in December and due in early March.

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Clare Boothe Luce Committee Members