About Collaborative Undergraduate Research at St. Catherine University

Students are junior colleagues.

Students engage in meaningful collaboration with faculty — from conceptualizing the project, to doing the work, to sharing that work with experts in the discipline. With students as the junior colleagues alongside their professors, they work together as a team.

Open to all disciplines.

Since its inception in 2010, teams from 26 disciplines have participated in Collaborative Undergraduate Research (CUR). There are opportunities for students and faculty in all disciplines. From Biology to Studio Art to Nursing to Communication Studies to Theology to English, there's something for you.

A community of scholars.

Student-faculty Summer Scholars teams are part of a larger community of scholars who learn from and support each other.


The goal of every team is to present their work to a larger regional, national, or international audience. Recent projects have been presented at conferences of the American Psychological Association, Costume Society of America, and Hmong National Conference, among many others. One project was nominated for the "Best in Show" award at the first annual Association for Colleges and Twin Cities Film Festival, and several manuscripts have been published and others are under review. Students are co-authors on nearly every project. More »

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