Student presents at NCUR 2013


Since the beginning of the Summer Scholars program in 2010, Student-Faculty teams have presented their scholarship at regional, national and international conferences and have been published in peer-reviewed journals. These are some of the ways they have shared their research and/or projects with the larger scholarly community.

National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)

We encourage all students who participate in collaborative research to submit their work to NCUR.  

The average national acceptance rate for NCUR over the last five years is approximately 82%. St. Kate’s acceptance rate is 96%.  Our students' exceptional work is being recognized.

  • 9 student scholars (Ithaca, NY; 2011)
  • 14 student scholars (Ogden, UT; 2012)
  • 14 students scholars (La Crosse, WI; 2013)
  • 17 student scholars (Lexington, KY; 2014)
  • 26 student scholars (Spokane, WA; 2015)

National and International Discipline-Specific Conferences

Since the inception of Summer Scholars in 2010, 64% of the teams have presented at discipline-specific national or international conferences. Listed below are some of the conferences at which St. Catherine University student-faculty teams have presented:

Regional Conferences


First Annual Association for colleges and Twin Cities Film Festival — nomination for "Best in Show"

Published Abstracts

Medicine and Science and Sports and Exercise (2)

Publications in Peer-Reviewed Journals