Summer Scholars Outcomes

Student presents at NCUR 2013

Summer Scholars Outcomes

Since the beginning of the Summer Scholars program in 2010, Student-Faculty teams have presented their scholarship at regional, national and international conferences and have been published in peer-reviewed journals. These are some of the ways they have shared their research and/or projects with the larger scholarly community.

Undergraduate conferences

National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR)

The average national acceptance rate for NCUR over the last five years is 82%.  St. Kate’s acceptance rate is 97%.  Our students are doing good work and they are recognized.

  • 9 student scholars (Ithaca, NY; 2011)
  • 14 student scholars (Ogden, UT; 2012)
  • 14 students scholars (La Crosse, WI; 2013).

Streamlines Undergraduate Conference

1 student (Dubuque, IA; 2011)

ACTC Undergraduate Research Symposium

2 students (St. Paul, MN; 2012)

National and international discipline-specific conferences

Since the inception of Summer Scholars in 2010, 55% of the teams have presented at discipline-specific national or international conferences. Listed below are some of the conferences at which St. Catherine University student-faculty teams have presented:

Regional conferences


First Annual Association for colleges and Twin cities Film Festival — nomination for "Best in Show"

Published abstracts

Medicine and Science and Sports and Exercise (2)

Publications in peer-reviewed journals