Morgan Wright '14, Biology, Mathematics and Psychology minor presents at NCUR '13


Student-faculty teams create new knowledge to share with other scholars.  Students and faculty present locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally at undergraduate and discipline-specific conferences.  Since the inception of our program in 2010, 88% of student participants in Summer Scholars have presented at national undergraduate conferences.  Additionally, 58% of student-faculty teams have presented at national or international discipline-specific conferences.  Their research is also hosted on the Sophia Database, an online repository provided by the Libraries of St. Catherine University. Its purpose is to collect and make accessible new knowledge created by the students, faculty, and staff of the University, encourage collaboration and innovation, and increase the visibility of our research and scholarship. Members of the academic community are invited to contribute their completed scholarship and creative works.

Summer Scholars 2012-2013

Incorporating the Institutional Repository into the Research Cycle at St. Catherine University

Christy Hyke '13, English, with Emily Asch, MLIS Mentor

The purpose of this research was to survey and education faculty and undergraduate students on the use of institutional repositories, open access, and publishing as part of the research cycle. Learn more about their research »

How to Be a Feminist Artist Book Project

Elizabeth Black '13, Studio Art and Classics, with Patricia Olson, Art and Art History Mentor

For this research project, Black and Olson worked on the Women's Art Institute (WAI) Research project which involved studying the materials WAI students are given as well as transcribing interviews given by Elizabeth Erikson (Patricia Olson's co-founder of the WAI and partner in creating a book on the Women's Art Institute). Three paintings and transcribed interviews are to be used to for the upcoming book. An exhibit at St. Catherine University Visual Arts Building Second Floor Gallery showcased the book at the beginning of the Fall 2012 Semester. Learn more about their research »

Modeling the Game of Brain Cube

Leslie Muzulu '13, Mathematics, Kristal Jameson '14, Mathematics, with Kathy Radloff Wijesinghe, Mathematics Mentor

Professor Kathy Radloff Wijesinghe and two mathematics majors collaborated to model the puzzle game Brain Cube. Brain Cube is a puzzle game in which the goal is to move a game piece across a planar board, the size and shape of which varies from level to level, to a specified ending spot. The team considered the following three questions: for which types of boards does a solution exist? Regarding those setups for which a solution exists, can we find a most efficient solution? Still regarding those setups for which a solution exists, is there a unique most efficient solution? They have answered these questions for all rectangular boards, and have answers for select boards to a few other questions. Muzulu, Jameson, and Radloff Wijesinghe presented their findings at the 2013 National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR). Learn more about their research »

Sperm Precedence in the Hermaphroditic Freshwater Snail, Helisoma trivolvis

Morgan Wright '14, Biology, Mathematics and Psychology minor, with Cynthia Norton, Biology Mentor

The purpose of this research project was to determine sperm precedence of first mate in hermaphroditic freshwater snails using albino snails for a clear trait marker in the eggs. Wright and Norton have applied for the National Science Foundation Research Experience for Undergraduates. Learn more about their research »

Pediatric Neuropsychological Data Profiling

Kelli Kenyon '15, Neuroscience, Psychology minor, with Arturo Sesma, Psychology Mentor

Kelli Kenyon and her mentor worked to summarize and enter data of 170 patients from a neuropsychological clinic into a database. The data can now be used to multiple neuroscience research projects including one that Kenyon and her mentor did. Kenyon and her mentors were studying children diagnosed with ADHD and analyzing the data to determine whether those children receiving treatment perform better on executive function and behavioral tests than those that are not receiving treatment. Kenyon is continuing her research in neuroscience and plans to write and publish an article with the findings from her Summer Scholars' and subsequent research. Learn more about their research »

St. Catherine Experience Video

Meghan Kotz '14, Studio Art, Women's Studies minor, Diana Ellenwood '13, Studio Art, Spanish minor, Carly Kryzer '13, Social Work, with Joshua Haringa, Communications Studies Mentor

Three students and professor Joshua Haringa created videos for the St. Catherine Experience, a joint project of the Office of Marketing and Communications, Enrollment Services, and the Communications department. These videos are presented on the St. Kate's website and intended for current and prospective students to experience St. Kate's. Learn more about their project »

Additional Summer Scholars Teams

Perception of Exercise Intensity on Post-Exercise Food Selection

Hanan Zavala '12, Exercise and Sport Science, Gabrielle McGurran-Hanson '13, Exercise and Sport Science, with Mark Blegen, Exercise and Sports Science Mentor

The Relation Between Gratitude and Volunteerism

Samantha DeAngelo '14, Psychology and Biology, Chemistry Minor, with Keilah Worth, Psychology Mentor

360 Degrees of Learning When Students Teach a General Psychology Lab

Claudia Thompson '14, Psychology and Biology, with Jamie Peterson, Psychology Mentor

Predictive Validity of Expanded Eating Disorder Criteria in the DSM-5

Jessica McManus '13, Psychology, with Arturo Sesma, Psychology Mentor

Is the Earth Holy? Collaborative Explorations in Feminist Ecotheology

Alexa Chihos '13, Social Work and Theology, Rebecca Doucette '13, English and Theology, Rachel Thompson '14, Women's Studies and Anthropology with Colleen Carpenter, Theology Mentor

St. Catherine's Voices of Homelessness Oral History Project

Lucille Natalie Russell '13, Social Work, Pamela Sherlock '13, English, History Minor, with Louise Edwards-Simpson, History Mentor

Synthesis of a Photoactivatable Non-Natural Substrate for Protein Farnesyltransferase

Kayla Lange '13, Exercise and Sports Science, Chemistry Minor, Jennifer Rowe '14, Biochemistry, with James Wollack, Chemistry Mentor

Hmong Americans, Acculturation, and Mental Health

Cindy Vang '14, Public Health, Psychology Minor, with Pa Der Vang, Social Work Mentor