Colleagues Newsletter was originally conceived as a high quality journal that would promote civic discourse, create a community of writers and invite campus-wide engagement, participation and collaboration in the learning process. It is the only communiqué on campus that fulfills this mission and since its inception has featured articles by more than 600 faculty, staff and students, including both nationally recognized and first-time authors in more than 119 issues.

Colleagues 2014

Colleagues, Volume 24 Number 2, December 2014

This edition presents the poetry, memoirs and fiction of our colleagues and reminds me, once again, of the incredible talents and wealth of experiences that we bring to the St. Kate’s community. Perhaps in reading this work, you will be inspired to put thought and memory onto a page. As poet Mary Oliver writes in her instructions for living a life, “Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it.” And enjoy this read. -Gay Herzberg, Editor

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Colleagues, Volume 24 Number 1, September/October 2014

This issue of Colleagues illuminated the collaboration between faculty and staff from different departments and campuses.

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Colleagues, Volume 23 Number 4, May 2014

This issue of Colleagues features articles on resilience, both an important, timely topic and an essential quality for living well in a complex world. We defined resilience as an ability to successfully cope with challenges, to navigate skillfully in the face of adversity and to interact with the environment in ways that promote well-being. We asked writers from many different arenas in our community to explore resilience from their particular vantage points. Their articles shed light on how to develop it, nurture it and teach it. Our hope is to continue to foster a great wealth of resilience here at St. Kate's: in ourselves, in our students. –Gay Herzberg, Editor

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Colleagues, Volume 23 Number 3, February/March 2014

In this issue of Colleagues, you will discover a rich assortment of themes as members of the campus community talk about their J-term experiences, professional goals and extracurricular passions. You'll learn more about caving, international law enforcement, academic integrity initiatives, an exciting on-campus grant and what it's like to be a MarCom employee by day and an actor by night. You will also find a recipe and a wedding announcement here: both firsts for Colleagues. Enjoy the read! –Gay Herzberg, Editor

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