Parking Information



Parking Information

We encourage students and their guests to enter through Gate 4 on Fairview Avenue and park in The O'Shaughnessy parking lot located on the southeast corner of campus, near the Georgia and Alberta Apartments.

All campus parking areas will be open for guests to park in and permit requirements will not be enforced. Please do not park in handicap spaces (unless permitted) or fire lanes.

Handicap parking spots are located just behind The O'Shaughnessy Auditorium (enter campus through Gate 3 off of Randolph Avenue, west of Fairview Avenue) and in The O'Shaughnessy lot.

Note: If your guest has a mobility challenge that prevents them from safely traveling from these parking spots to the Chapel or auditorium, your guest may call 651.690.8888 to receive help from Public Safety.
Public Safety will be touring all campus parking areas throughout the evening. If your guest does not have a cell phone, please instruct her or him to watch for a Public Safety vehicle, step out of the car (or roll down a window) to flag down the vehicle.
Warning: The city will ticket cars parking on the north side of Randolph or on Cleveland and Fairview Avenues. These areas are designated neighborhood resident parking by permit only.