Your Degree Plan: Communication Studies



Your Degree Plan: Communication Studies

In St. Kate’s Evening|Weekend|Online Communications Studies major is for adult women who want to start or accelerate careers in a variety of communication and business professions. You'll learn to use persuasive, strategic and up-to-the-minute media to convey messages.

Through small, supportive, highly interactive courses and a focus on social justice, you'll learn to communicate with confidence and purpose and advance your career.  You'll strengthen your voice to lead and influence. 

Ready for work: Internships, projects and hands-on learning

The program adapts to your interests and gets you ready for real-world professional work. You'll complete course-based projects in a medium of your choosing – from writing to broadcast or digital media. In hands-on, interactive courses, you'll hone your leadership in classroom role plays, write, engage in community outreach and learn to use top-of-the-line audio software and film editing equipment – skills the job market highly values. 

In “Speaking to Lead and Influence,” you'll gain confidence speaking in front of groups. In “Leadership and the Art of Persuasion,” you'll develop your ability to think on your feet in stressful leadership situations. St. Kate’s also offers an Oral Communication concentration within the major for students who want to focus on public speaking.

To connect you even more deeply into the world of communications work, you'll also have opportunities to conduct faculty-supervised research, design an independent study and get hands-on experience through internships.

To earn your bachelor's degree with a Communication Studies major, you'll complete:

  • Courses for the Communication Studies major (see below).
  • Core liberal arts courses for your bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree, and
  • Additional electives, as needed, to gain the total number of credits (130) required for your B.A. or B.S. 

Find out more about transferring in courses from other colleges or universities to meet core liberal arts or elective requirements.

Sample academic plan 


COMM 1030: Speaking to Lead and Influence
COMM 3600: Leadership and the Art of Persuasion
COMM 4850: Senior Seminar


COMM 2020: Communication Dynamics in Interpersonal Relationships
COMM 3100: Communication Across Cultures: Identities and Differences

Organizations and Groups

COMM 2090: Communication and Conflict in Groups and Teams
COMM 3090: Communication in Organizations
COMM 3110: Communication Training and Development


COMM 2050: Media, Culture and Society
COMM 3030: Rhetoric, Civic Participation and Social Justice
COMM 3070: Gender and Rhetoric

In addition to the courses listed above, you may enroll in:

COMM 4954: Independent Study
COMM 4604: Internship

Get a head start on a master's degree

While pursuing your B.A. or B.A. degree with a Communication Studies major, you may take up to two graduate courses. Credit earned will count toward your undergraduate elective requirements and — if you choose to continue on after finising your bachelor's — will also count toward a master's degree. You can choose from graduate courses in the Master of Business Administration program, which offers an Integrated Marketing Communications concentration, or the Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership or Master of Library and Information Science programs.

Consult the university's catalog

The information above is intended as an introduction for prospective students, and is not intended as a replacement for program of study and curricular requirements as listed in the university's undergraduate catalog. After you are admitted, consult the catalog for official course requirement information.