Communication (Oral Concentration) Major



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Communication (Oral Concentration) Major

St. Kate's communication major focuses on spoken communication, rhetoric, persuasion and the cultural aspects of communication.

Choose this major if you're considering careers in human resources, human relations, organizational consulting, public relations, promotion and advertising, management, sales and other positions within an organization.

Below is a sample academic plan. You will work with an advisor to tailor the courses to your interest.


  • ENGL 2000: Writing: Developing Skill and Confidence or ENGL 3060: Intermediate Writing
  • COMM 1030: Speaking to Lead and Influence
  • COMM 3090: Communication in Organizations
  • PHIL 3300: Ethics in Communication
  • ENGL: English literature course

Oral Concentration

  • COMM 2020: Communication Dynamics in Personal Relationships or COMM 3100: Communicating Across Cultures, Identities and Difference
  • COMM 2090: Communication and Conflict in Groups & Teams or COMM 3100 or COMM 3600: Leadership and the Art of Persuasion
  • COMM 2050: Media, Culture and Society or COMM 3030: Rhetoric, Civic Participation and Social Justice or COMM 3070: Gender & Rhetoric
  • COMM: Two additional oral communication courses
  • ENGL: One additional English course

One additional course from:

  • INDI 2090: Promotional Communication
  • COMM 4060: Internship
  • COMM 4954: Independent Study

Portfolio requirement​

If you choose the written concentration, you begin developing a portfolio as soon as you declare your intent to major and are assigned an advisor. The portfolio allows you to assess your growth and your ability to read and write critically, analytically, creatively and professionally.

Writing requirements

Communication majors satisfy the Writing Requirement for Majors by completing ENGL 2000: Writing: Developing Skill and Confidence. You complete the Liberal Arts and Sciences Core Writing Requirement with three other writing intensive courses (CORE 1000: The Reflective Woman and CORE 3990: Global Search for Justice, and any other writing-intensive course in this major or another department).

Federal Gainful Employment Disclosure Requirement for Certificates
Federal regulations require that all institutions disclose certain information and statistics regarding non-degree, certificate programs. Click here for the data provided by St. Kate's.