Housing Questions

What Are My Rights As A Renter?

The Commuter Advisors have collected information regarding renter's rights for you >> check it out here

Where Can I Find Current Listings?

We, the Commuter Advisors, recommend checking out St. Thomas's website

Campus Questions

Is there someplace on campus to go if i'm not feeling well?

Yes, the campus health and wellness clinic is located on the side of the Butler Center, on the powerhouse side (the water tower side)

How do I find out what is happening on campus?

Every month the SCA (Student Center for Activities) office puts out a calendar of majority of the campus events. Those can be picked up from the Information Center on the second floor of the CdC. Also check out the wall of posters on the first floor of the CdC by the stairwell.

If I have a question, but don't know whom to ask, is there someplace I can go?

The Information Center located on the second floor of the CdC is a great resource. Also, your commuter advisors are available, either in our office in CdC 251 or e-mail us at commuteradvisor@stkate.edu.

How do I get access to a locker?

Lockers are available to be rented out at any time of the year. Lockers for student rentals are located on the lower level and 2nd floor of the CdC. It costs $5 to rent out a locker, but at the end of the year, when you return the lock, you will receive $4 back. You can rent out a locker every year. Priority of the lockers is given to commuter students.  Locker rentals are available through the Student Center and Activities Office, CdC Rm 270.

Where can I store/prepare my food?

In the CdC your options are:

  •     Dining Hall, CdC 1st floor microwave
  •     McGough Lounge, CdC 3rd floor microwave
  •     Patio/Lounge, CdC 2nd floor microwave
  •     Student Organization Center, CdC 253 with microwaves and a refrigerator. 
  •     The Center for Women, CdC Rm 230 has a refrigerator. 

In Mendel Hall your options are:

  •     Mendel 103 has a refrigerator

In the Speech Building your options are:

  •     Second floor lounge has a microwave

In Whitby Hall your options are:

  •     Lower level study lounge has a refrigerator and microwave

How can I sign up for a meal plan?

To sign up for a meal plan go to the Dining Services office in CDC 170. To view the meal plan options on sodexo's website, click here.

What is the Commuter-Residence Partnership (CRP) Program?

The CRP program is designed for new first-year and transfer commuter students. The program is an opportunity for new commuter students to:

  • Join a residence hall community
  • Receive an invitation from a Resident Advisor to participate in activities
  • Meet other first-year students

Through the CRP program, commuter students have the opportunity to join a residence hall floor and receive some benefits of being a resident student like free floor meals. They can also attend the events of the residence hall organized by the Residence Advisors. Your Residence Advisor will serve as an additional campus resource beyond your First-Year Commuter Advisor.

If any commuter students are interested, they can sign the Commuter-Residence Partnership Program Contract and send it to their Commuter Advisor. The Commuter Advisor will then pass it along to the complex coordinator.

What if I lock my keys in my car or my battery won't start, can the University help me with that?

Yes! You can call public safety at (651) 690-8888 and they will come to you with equipment and a waiver for you to sign before helping you out!


If you have any questions, as always, please e-mail them to commuteradvisor@stkate.edu