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Commuter Students - Welcome to St. Kate's!  

There is a large community of commuter students on campus, and this website is meant to act as a resource for all the information you will need.

Look out for information about the Spring 2014 Commuter Appreciation Week- brought to you by Commuter Advisors!

There are a number student groups and organizations on campus to support Commuter Students:

Commuter Advisors- All incoming commuter first year and transfer students are assigned to a Commuter Advisor for their first year at St. Kate's.  These students are trained on all the resources that are available and work hard to make sure commuters are aware of those resources as well as the social opportunities on campus.  No matter what program you are in, feel free to contact a Commuter Advisor with your questions about campus at

Commuter Senators-  These students are a part of the larger Undergraduate Student Senate and act as a voice for commuter students.  During Senate meetings (Tuesdays at 12pm in the CdC), Commuter Senators vote with commuter students in mind and ask questions based on the needs of commuter students.  When elected, all commuter students will receive emails from their Commuter Senators.  Feel free to contact them with questions and concerns.  The general senate can be reached at, and commuter student related issues will be passed on to the Commuter Senators.  

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