TRW Student Resources

TRW Student Resources

Saturday Salons

Common during the 17th and 18th centuries in France, a salon is gathering of intellectuals (that’s you) who engage in thought provoking discussion with each other and with their social, artistic and political peers.   We hold salons on four Saturday mornings during September and October.  Each salon is about 2 hours and focuses on a topics such as the history of the Sisters of St. Joseph, the meaning of liberal arts, issues of diversity and civic engagement.  In keeping with an earlier St. Kate's tradition, when all students were required to attend weekly convocations, the salons provide an opportunity for students to meet, discuss and learn together outside of their regular classrooms, while experiencing our beautiful campus during the weekend. It is typically required that CORE 1000 students attend 3 salons, but check with your TRW instructor for details on this unique assignment!

Miss a Salon?

Students who miss a salon should check with their TRW instructor to find out what is required to make-up the session.  Some Saturday Salons will be recorded and available students who have an approved absence and will miss a live Saturday.

Core Convocations

Each semester, the University holds one or two “Core Convocations” where we gather all TRW students, plus students in the capstone Global Search for Justice course and other members of the St. Kate’s community, to hear a speaker or see a performance.  Typically, one or both of the Core Convocations is held in the evening.  Your instructor will be requiring attendance to at least one of the Core Convocations.  Visit the Core Events site for information on this year's core convocations.

Structured Controversy Help

Resources for researching and writing your Structured Controversy paper.

  • TRW Library Help
    This library webpage is specifically designed to help TRW students find library resources about the Structured Controversy paper. Also, citation guides and assignment calculator. Be sure to look at the video tutorials
  • O'Neill Center for Academic Development
  • The O'Neill Center can help you with writing and reading skills. Drop by for help with creating a thesis statement, perfecting grammar and formatting a bibliography and much more.
  • Citation Guides for including materials and websites in your bibliography.
  • Refworks
    Refworks is a web-based citation manager. It is provided and supported by St. Catherine University Libraries for use by all students, faculty and staff.  View the tutorials, set up an account and never have to type in a bibliography again.

GSJ Justice Symposium

TRW students are required to attend the GSJ Justice Symposium in the semester in which they take TRW.  Students in the evening/weekend/online program attend by viewing the GSJ presentations on the Core Projects D2L site.

Additional Resources

  • Community Work and Learning Office Interested in a job, internship or volunteer position? Get involved in service-learning opportunities and put what you are learning in TRW into action.
  • Access & Success Office Information and resources for student parents at St Kate's. Includes information about child care, scholarships for parents and one-on-one support.