Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity

critical studies of race and ethnicity

What does race and ethnicity mean? How do they shape who you are? St. Kate's major in Critical Studies of Race and Ethnicity (CRST) explores the implications of socially constructed identities and systems of power and privilege. Concepts such as discrimination, oppression and white privilege, for example, are examined in multiple contexts, including media, art, music, language and statistical records.

Exemplary program

The American Association of Colleges and Universities has recognized St. Kate's CRST major as an example of "an exemplary diversity program" — and included it in a book on campus diversity efforts, More Reasons for Hope: A New Generation of Campus Diversity Work.

Unique to St. Kate's

St. Kate's CRST program — which includes independent research, an internship and a final portfolio — is one of the few of its kind in Minnesota. St. Kate's also has the state's largest population of African American women enrolled in a private college, and one of the largest groups of Hmong women scholars in the nation.

Rigorous, comprehensive study

In addition to three required courses, you must enroll in seven courses cross-listed in other departments, including art, biology, economics and philosophy. This broad perspective allows you to:

  • analyze racial and ethnic identity and perspectives
  • examine individual, institutional and systematic racism
  • critique race-based policies and socio-cultural representations
  • communicate across lines of difference
  • strategize for social change
  • Research topics that matter

You'll study and research a range of topics through the lens of race and ethnicity, including:

  • Media representations
  • Criminal justice system
  • Immigration policy
  • Hate crimes and legal responses
  • History and legacy of slavery
  • Black feminist thought
  • American Indians in the Southwest
  • Campus climate at St. Kate's