Academic Programs



Academic Programs


Why Choose a Career In Sales?

  • As a sales professional, you'll get to understand the pulse of the customer faster and more effectively than any other employee in your company.
  • Sales is the heart of a company. You'll learn more in a front-line sales role than in any other position, getting to interact with a variety of departments such as marketing, operations, finance and others.
  • Your position in sales is instrumental in the affecting the strategy of your company. With your information and insights about customers, you'll be in a position to change the direction of your company.
  • A career in sales offers excellent opportunities, including the ability to move into other departments and to advance throughout an organization.
  • The Center for Sales Innovation works hand-in-hand with academic programs at St. Catherine University to enhance students' experience. The center's partnerships with national corporations means that students have exceptional access to internships and job placement after graduation.

    The following academic programs in sales are available:

Business-to-Business Sales

Lily Stone.jpgProfessional selling is a great place to begin a career, especially in business. The field of sales is where many CEOs and business executives get their start. St. Kate’s business-to-business sales major teaches you how to influence decision-making between businesses or international companies, and how to successfully manage professional customer relationships.

St. Catherine is the only university in the country with sales programs that integrate professional sales skills with the critical-thinking and problem-solving focus of a broad-based liberal arts education. St. Kate's offers a four-year bachelor's degree as well as a certificate in this field.

Healthcare Sales

Our nationally recognized major in Healthcare Sales prepares you for exciting and rewarding careers in companies that manufacture and market consumer medical products, pharmaceuticals, medical devices or other health-related products and services. You’ll learn scientific concepts, medical terminology and business skills to help physicians, nurses, therapists and other healthcare providers understand new live life-saving medical products and services. With long-standing relationships to major medical corporations, the healthcare sales major or certificate is sure to position you for success.

Sales Minor

For students wishing to augment their studies with sales skills, St. Kate's offers a sales minor in business to business or health care sales. Students will gain a basic understanding of business and sales principles which they can apply in any field.

Sales Certificates

Our sales certificates provide you with sales-specific credentials, as well as related background in business and economics. You can use a certificate for current career advancement or as a path to a new profession.If you’re considering earning a degree, starting with a certificate is an ideal way to check out a career field, academic work and its fit for you. St. Kate's offers three sales certificates:  Healthcare Sales and Business-to-Business Sales Certificate I & II.