Center for Sales Innovation

Sales professionals understand the pulse of the customer faster and more effectively than any other employee in a company. They are the face of an organization hearing feedback from customers first.  Sales professionals are instrumental in affecting the strategy of their company and interact with all facets of an organization including marketing, operations, and finance. If this kind of career interests you the Center for Sales Innovation is perfect for you.

The Center for Sales Innovation, established at St. Catherine University in 1998, is a national leader in research and training for women sales professionals. The center focuses on the development of effective and ethical business sales leaders. The combined support of staff, faculty and strategic corporate partnerships ensures that the center can provide leading educational opportunities to students and sales professionals alike. Participants learn to manage the value proposition of their companies, not just how to sell products.

Academic programs offered by the Center include:

  • Business-to-Business Sales is an intellectually and interpersonally rewarding field, requiring business skills and the art of personal connection. St. Kate's offers a four-year bachelor's degree as well as a certificate in this field.
  • Healthcare Sales St. Kate's is proud to be the leader in educating women for healthcare sales careers. With long-standing relationships to major medical corporations, the healthcare sales major or certificate is sure to position students for success.
  • Sales Minor For students wishing to augment their studies with sales skills, St. Kate's offers the sales minor. Students will gain a basic understanding of business and sales principles which they can apply in any field.

Professional development programs offered by the Center include:

  • Women's Sales Leaders Program — The only sales development program in the country designed specifically for women sales professionals. This unique program addresses the growth of emerging sales leaders through seminars, networking opportunities and personal development. More »
  • Sales Executive Forum — Join us each month for stimulating breakfast discussions with respected sales leaders and business executives. More »


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