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Sales and Social Media Labs

Sales students in 110.jpgThe Lab provides multimedia software for creating and editing videos, photography, and social media production.  The Social Media Lab is also wired for surround sound and recording providing the ability to bring in students and presenters through Skype and Oovoo as well as record classes, presentations, and create podcasts. The Recording Lab, located just down the hall, is a recording booth set up with a large flat screen display, sound bar and adjustable camera.  This room can be used for practice interviews, sales competitions, or any presentation recording.

CSI Partner Newsletter

See past issues of our CSI Partner newsletter for the latest news from the Center, as well as the latest trends in business-to-business sales, healthcare sales, and other sales fields.

Sales Tips from Faculty and Staff

Our renowned business faculty and staff can help keep you informed about new sales skills and tools, customer engagement strategies, and other sales techniques.

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Breaking Into Sales Student Newsletter

The Breaking Into Sales student newsletter provides practical advice to prepare students for professional sales careers. Click on the icons below to read each issue.

#1 Sales Competitions

#2 Part-Time Jobs

#3 Inside Sales Positions

#4 Analytical Skills  #5 LinkedIn Network

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