Sales and Social Media Labls



Sales and Social Media Labls

Social Media and Sales Labs

Mendel 110.jpgThe Social Media Lab provides students access to twenty four Mac mini’s three multi-unit collaboration stations and two Smart Boards which are compatible with a built in PC, Mac or laptop.  The Lab provides multimedia software for creating and editing videos, photography, and social media production.  The Social Media Lab is also wired for surround sound and recording providing the ability to bring in students and presenters through Skype and Oovoo as well as record classes, presentations, and create podcasts.

The Recording Lab, located just down the hall, is a recording booth set up with a large flat screen display, sound bar and adjustable camera.  This room can be used for practice interviews, sales competitions, or any presentation recording.

The SpeakEasy Stations are PC desktops loaded with SpeakEasy role play, script software.  This unique software is used to train new hires at companies like Shell, Ecolab, Thompson Reuters, and U.S. Bank of America.  This software is available to all students but a mandatory part of the Advanced Sales course.


  • Mendel 110- Social Media Lab
  • Mendel 100- Recording Lab and SpeakEasy stations


The Social Media Lab is reserved for classes in Business and Communications first.  Classes are held seven days a week with fluctuating semester schedules.  Students whose use of the computers is required outside of the classwork will have second priority.  Meetings and individuals can reserve the lab space through Lindsay Wilson, 651-690-8143 or Nancy Haas,

Rules and Guidelines

General Rules

  1. The Student Conduct Policy will be followed as stated in LeGuide.
  2. The Lab is for academic purposes and is not a lounge.  Other computers are available on campus for recreational use.
  3. Tampering with the hardware or software is not permitted.
  4. Unauthorized copying and/or installing of unauthorized software is not permitted.  You can lose access to the room based on inappropriate use.
  5. The Lab contains a lot of electronic equipment which can be affected by humidity and temperature.  Do not open out facing windows unless instructed to and ensure windows are closed when leaving the Lab.
  6. Never rename, delete or move items on the computer unless instructed to by a professor.
  7. Keep the computer lab clean by throwing away any garbage including food and drink containers, properly storing the computers in the in-desk storage and pushing chairs in when leaving the Lab.  Do NOT put your feet on the chairs or desks.

Friendly Reminders

  1. Extreme caution should be used when having food and drinks in the room.    This is a privilege and will be removed if not followed.
  2. If there is an issue with a computer or technology, please contact Lindsay Wilson at or ext. 8143.  A trouble ticket will be created through her to resolve the issue.
  3. Be courteous to other Lab users and use cell phones outside of the lab.
  4. Save your work often!  When working with computers, errors may occur so save your work to avoid losing your work.