Anupama Pasrich



Anupama Pasrich

anupama.jpgAnupama Pasrich, Associate Professor & Department Chair, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design

School of Business & Professional Studies
Courses with Service Learning: Sociocultural Aspects of Clothing and  Patternmaking II

Community work and learning provides an opportunity to connect with broader community. I see this connection as a foundation to prepare women for leadership roles that make a positive impact on individuals and community. Through this experience, students have benefited in several ways.

They had an opportunity for a real-life experience related to their prospective profession, they got engaged in critical thinking and problem solving, and they developed an ability to adapt styles and products based on specific needs as well as communication skills by interacting with diverse individuals.

Overall it brings positive personal, moral and social outcomes to students. It made them comfortable in a situation that might have been viewed uncomfortable otherwise. Service learning is very important in higher education as it is well grounded in social responsibility and civic responsibility. I feel that the benefit of service-learning as an outcome surpasses the time and tiresome efforts put in to it. Therefore, I am engaged in it and will continue to do so.