Hilary Stein ‘14
Major: Studio Art and French
Class: Global Search for Justice: The Changing Face of Homelessness
Service-Learning Site: Listening House

At Listening House, I started out by working at the front desk handing out hygiene products, sugar for coffee, and other necessities that the guests needed. Learn more »

Sherrie Bodell-Matthews '14
Major: Communication Studies
Class: multiple courses
Service-Learning Site: Arlington Hills Library

The most effective learning experience I had in my Global Search for Justice course was the service-learning. You can read as much as you want but unless you see that human experience it is all just words and not realizing the experience through someone who is living the experience real time. Learn more »

Marlee Mfalingundi '16
Major: Education
Class: Native American History
Service-learning site: Ain Dah Yung Center

My hope in taking Louise Edwards-Simpson’s Native American History course was to open my mind and learn the true story of Native American history.  Before I was presented with the service-learning component to the course, I had not heard of the Ain Dah Yung Center. The Ain Dah Yung Center is described as a place of healing for Native American youth and families. The Center provides shelter for runaway and homeless Native American youths and provides cultural support to all members of the community. Also new to me was the celebration of the Pow Wow. Learn more »