Faculty Experiences



Faculty Experiences

Elizabeth Otto’s Communication Dynamics course & Kim Heikkila’s History of the 1960s course

Fall semester 2013, students in two service-learning courses forged relationships with elders. Elizabeth Otto’s Communication Dynamics students practiced their conversation skills within the Active Seniors program at Keystone Community Services. Students in Kim Heikkila’s History of the 1960s course interviewed Carondelet Village residents. Learn more »

Jamie Peterson, Associate Professor, Psychology

When I think of January, I typically think about the harsh Minnesota winter – below zero temperatures, frozen eye lashes and cars that refuse to start.  When I thought about teaching one of my beloved courses, Seminar I: Psychology Engages the World in January, I wondered how I would get students into Mendel Hall on those cold and frigid days.  Even further, I wondered how I would ever get students to engage in the 20-25 hours of service-learning I have made central to the course.  Service-learning in a J-term course would require students to not only leave the comfort of home to come to class, but also to engage in meaningful service with people and organizations that would likely make students uncomfortable. Learn more »

Anupama Pasrich, Associate Professor & Department Chair, Apparel, Merchandising, and Design

Community work and learning provides an opportunity to connect with broader community. I see this connection as a foundation to prepare women for leadership roles that make a positive impact on individuals and community. Through this experience, students have benefited in several ways. Learn more »

Jessica Solberg, Faculty Assistant, Physical Therapist Assistant and Doctor of Physical Therapy Programs

Since 2005 I have been a faculty assistant in the DPT and PTA programs at St. Catherine University.  I can proudly say that I love my work.  I have always enjoyed working with students and sharing my passion for physical therapy.  Two years ago I was given the opportunity to teach a local service learning course for PT and PTA students.  It was then that my interest in community work began. Learn more »