Fall Courses

Fall Courses

Below are this Fall's offerings. Service-learning courses are notated in the course schedule.​

Fall 2014 courses with a service-learning component

ASL3100: ASL Advanced ASL 1 – Jimmy Beldon

COMM1000: COMM Introduction to Communication: Woman & Social Change – Joshua Haringa

COMM1020: COMM Communication Dynamics in Personal Relationships – Elizabeth Otto

COMM2000: COMM Foundations in Leadership – Margret McCue-Enser

COMM 2050: COMM Media, Culture, and Society – Joshua Haringa

COMM 3030: COMM Rhetoric, Civic Participation, and Social Justice – Joshua Haringa

COMM4850: COMM Senior Seminar – Margret McCue-Enser

CORE1000/2000: CORE The Reflective Woman – multiple sections/faculty

CORE3990: CORE Global Search for Justice – multiple sections/faculty

ENGL 3490: ENGL Language Studies: Teaching English as a Second Language – Susan Bosher

FSNU4100: FSNU Community Lifespan Nutrition – Debra Sheats

INDI1010: INDI The Reflective Life – Benjamin Kent

MKTG3350: MKTG Buyer Behavior and Market Research – Sarah Rand

NURS2994: NURS Topics: Introduction to Professional Nursing Practice – Barbra Champlin, Mary Goering, Vicki Schug

NURS 3920: NURS Professional Nursing: Theories, Concepts and Practice – multiple sections/faculty

NURS 4110: NURS Population-Based Nursing Practice II – Cindy Nelson, Jayne Sparks

OSOT5020: OSOT Occupational Science: Community and Justice (Day) – Katherine Barrett

OSOT5020: OSOT Occupational Science: Community and Justice (EWO) – Barbara Gilbertson

OTA1050: OTA Human Occupations II – Angie Grabau

PA6991: PA Topics –  Donna DeGracia

PSYC2025: PSYC Lifespan Developmental Psychology – Arturo Sesma

PSYC 2850: PSYC Seminar I: Psychology Engages the World – Jamie Peterson

PSYC3050: PSYC Psychology of Gender – Joanne Quarfoth