Summary of Service-Learning Fall 2013 Student Evaluations



Summary of Service-Learning Fall 2013 Student Evaluations

Each semester Community Work and Learning surveys service-learning students about their experiences contributing to the community.  This past fall, 789 students took a course that had a service-learning component folded into the curriculum.  Of those 789 students, 604 took CWL’s end of term evaluation (77% response rate!).

A few highlights:
• 84% of service-learning students feel that community engagement is essential or very essential to a St. Catherine University education.

• 77.5% of students would take another service-learning course.

• 73.5% of respondents agreed or strongly agreed that their service-learning experience deepened their knowledge of Twin Cities communities and resources.

• 68.1% felt their community experience empowered her/him to be an ethical, reflective and socially responsible leader.

• 42% of students spent 10+ hours working in the community this semester.

• 38.3% of students plan to continue working with their community organization.

Students were also given the chance to respond to open ended questions to reflect on their experiences and learning as a result:

• “[Being] out in the deaf community was extremely beneficial to my development in ASL and deaf culture.  It helped develop my vocabulary and also built my confidence when interacting with peoples other than those apart of St Kate's ASL department. It was very enjoyable.”

• “MKTG 3350, working with Interfaith Outreach and Community Partners (IOCP) and more specifically the ReSale 101 boutique, their retail store…has been especially rewarding. This was my first service-learning experience here at St. Kate's and it was an opportunity I will cherish. Applying classroom knowledge not just to a real life situation but real-world business documents and relationships with clients made the material really stick.”

• “The most challenging aspect [of the community work experience] was trying something new and stepping out of my comfort zone. I addressed this challenge by listening to what the instructor told me to do, and being with my classmates.”

• “I enjoyed working with adults who have dual diagnosis of mental illness and intellectual disability. I wish I would have had more time to work with the organization because I think it would have gotten more rewarding with time.”

• "Creating a relationship and maintaining the relationship with a stranger [was challenging] because you don't know anything about that person. It was a challenge to keep the conversation going but it was a good experience to learn how to keep it going. It was rewarding because I accomplished something I was afraid to do, which was establishing a therapeutic relationship with my client."

We look forward to sharing the full results with St. Kate’s community and reflecting on changes for the future.  Thank you to all of the students who took the time to evaluate their experience!