Student Experiences



Student Experiences

Community Leadership Program

Anagloria Quintanar​, Jane Addams School for Democracy, Spanish Circle Student Coordinator

Being able to work at the Jane Addams School for Democracy (JAS) for the past 3 years has been a great opportunity for me to help out and get  exposed to the Latino community in the Twin Cities. Learn more.

Vanessa Salinas, St. Mary's Health Clinics

Since my first day at St. Mary’s I felt very welcome and knew that no matter what it was that I would be doing, I would be helping many people. Learn more.

America Reads

​Emily Fiske, America Reads Student Coordinator

For almost 3 years, Emily has been tutoring with America Reads. As a student coordinator, Emily helps support the America Reads Program, developing and implementing trainings as well as serving as a liaison between the sites and St. Kate's. She has been at Project for Pride and Living (PPL) since she started tutoring, and also has experience tutoring at the YWCA and Crossroads. Learn more.

Emaan Soliman, America Reads Tutor

A recent tutoring highlight for me was when I decided to tutor during J-term at one of my sites because in December when I was telling the kids I wouldn’t be back until the Spring semester, they all asked me why. And then one girl asked, “But who’s going to help me write my name?” because I was helping her learn this skill. Another student asked, “Who’s going to help me with my ABC’s?”  I was quiet and then I said, “I will come back and help you.” Learn more.