Planned Giving FAQ



Planned Giving FAQ

Why plan a legacy gift now?
Planning ahead offers you the opportunity to reflect on what St. Catherine means to you and to direct where you would like to make a difference.

How do I decide where my gift goes?
Follow your passions. Ask yourself what has inspired you most about your connection with St. Catherine. Many people also choose to make an unrestricted gift that lets the University use their gift where the needs are greatest.

Do I have to be wealthy to make a planned gift?
Planned gifts are among the most accessible gifts to all because they don't impact your current financial situation. If you have a retirement plan, life insurance policy or estate plan, you have the capacity to leave a legacy. Planned giving requires simply the desire to contribute and the willingness to plan ahead.

When should I plan a gift?
The most convenient time is typically when you are writing your will or making beneficiary designations to your life insurance policy or retirement account. But you may plan a gift at any time.

For more information, contact Senior Director of Gift Planning Pamela McNulty at 651.690.6812 or