President's Forum

President's Forum

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The following generous individuals contributed $1,500 or more to the Annual Fund in fiscal year 2013-2014.

$50,000 - $99,999
William and Judith Dalglish McCartin Scheide '59
Kathleen Brandes Shearon '60

$25,000 - $49,999
Margaret '82 and David Ford
Joseph and Kathleen McNamara Mucha '66
Karen and Mark Rauenhorst
John and Lois Gross Rogers '63
Kathleen Borden Rooney '52
Wade and Brenda Grandstrand Woodson '80

$10,000 - $24,999
Nancy JP Anderson '01
Marilyn Branchaud Beddor '55
Rebecca and Thomas Bergman
Peter and Sandra Kamman Butler '56, MLS '57
Patricia and Peter Frechette
Daniel and Ruth Blong Haggerty '63
Joy Bergeron Hammer '52
Anne Ward Miller '63
Joanne '83 and Brian Mullen
Keith R. Pinney
Ann '75 and Patrick Ryan
Helen M. Wagner '69

$5,000 - $9,999
Anonymous (2)
Margaret Rogers Barrett '68
Eileen M. Baumgartner '64
Ellen '88 and Michael Bendel-Stenzel
Bryan and Mary Bennett '78
Mark and Jane Chronister
Mary Kathryn Clubb '79 and Linda Reid
Patricia A. Connelly '65
Ann M. Coulston '63 and Robert Marcus M.D.
John A. Daniels
Robert and Janine Kelble Dodson '86
Don and Mary Jo Deutz Eichler '52
Linda M. Funk '81
Paul and Catherine Wierschem Gatto '72
Alice M. Graner '60
John and Theresa Villers Griep '63
Caroline L. Gunther '04
Carole B. Howe
Claude and Donna Drew Incaudo '58
Lyle and Kathleen Westby Kasprick '91
Joan Kelly '46
Andrea J. Lee, IHM (Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary)
John and Anne Lohmann '63
Burnae Mitchell Marrinan '51
Gini and John McCain
Corrine H. McCarthy '51
Lawrence and Andrea Schweizer McGough '54
Mary Virginia Micka, CSJ
Michael and Lorraine Majerus Nadler '53
David and Jean Delaney Nelson '80
Margaret R. Otte '81
Stephen and Cynthia Roszell
Paula A. Ruhland '75
Patricia Shea '51
Mary Rogers Sluka '66
John J. Spillane, Jr.
Dorothy D. Thews
Sunny Bach Wicka '55

$2,500 - $4,999
Russell and Kathleen Achterling Adams '84, MAOL '98
Therese Beaudette '55
Richard A. Beens
Richard and Kay Sullivan Bendel '56
Robert and Jean Sausen Brazelton '52
Bill and Judi Britt
Brian and Carol Bruess
Judith Krekelberg Butler '74
Kenneth and Patricia Carroll Byrne '64
Gwendolyn Carlson Caron '55
Ellen M. Coffey '77
David and Winnifred Hoch Conger '49
Patricia I. Curran
Carol A. Delage '80
Charles M. Denny, Jr.
Mark and Catherine Nigon Dienhart '75
Patricia A. Dietz '87
Barbara Dreher, CSJ
Barbara Kueppers Fitzpatrick '57
Kathleen Wooden Flanagan '73
Sara '77 and Tom Gavin
Margaret Mary Gillespie, CSJ '65
Edward and Eileen Raidl Gordon '60
Mary Jane Kinoshita Hashisaki '47
Colleen and Steven Hegranes
Mary F. Heinen, CSJ '58 †
Edward and Betty Lou Evans Hinker '53
John S. Huberty
Robert and Patricia Black Huberty '59
Douglas Johnson and Lenore Else
Daniel and Mary Kay Lorbiecki Kelly '69
Marjorie A. Kight '50, MLS '56
Renee J. Koziol '89
Margaret L. Kvasnicka, CSJ '61
Joseph and Roberta Meyer Lombardino '53
Joan E. Madden '67
Jacquelyn Leigh Mammen '03
Martha Mangan '76
Burnae Mitchell Marrinan '51
Frank and Margaret Johnston Marvin '64
Robert and Mildred Haviland McCoy '52
Susan and Thomas McGuire
John A. and Margaret Ann Mahoney McMahon '55
Catherine T. McNamee, CSJ
Joan Mitchell, CSJ '62
Edwin and Mary Costello Nakasone '49
The Most Reverend John C. Nienstedt
Edith Montavon Nowicki '86
Patricia A. O'Gorman '68
Colleen O'Malley, CSJ '63
Anne Schmidt Otterson '55
Ann M. Palm '89
Jane M. Persoon '72
Margaret Dexheimer Pharris
Mary Joan Clarity Quinn '54
Muriel Quinn '91 and Robert Pasin
Mark, MAT '88 and ReBecca Koenig Roloff '76
Mary M. Russell '78
Mary Catherine Ryan '47
Julie Mies Sachs '59
Mary Anne Duevel Schulte '47
MaryFrances Schurb '82
Dudley and DeAnne Boeltl Sherman '67
Sheila Strobel Smith '79
Jean McIlquham Stalcup '72
Tracy A. Steele '69
Susan O'Connor Stevens '69
Elizabeth Thornton '57
Lawrence and Patricia Bluml Timmons '63
Lynn and Carol Bissell Truesdell
Mary Millen Markov Vikla '78, MAOL '92
Larry E. Wilke
Jean Wincek, CSJ '62
John and Barbara Kinney Winters '63
Lee Ann Woodward '93

$1,500 - $2,499
Anonymous (2)
Blanche E. Abdallah
Richard and Roberta Ganas Ackley '64
John and Judith Nielsen Adams '62
Albert and Denise Goggin Andersen '71
Jeanne M. Arth '56
George and Darcy O'Brien Ashley '80
Jennifer Jensen Austin '90
Joe and Pam Stegora Axberg '85
Joann Bangs and William Glahn
Gloria Krautkremer Barry '47
Suzanne Norberg Begin '87
Catherine Bendel '81 and Joseph Nuñez
Mary '86 and Paul Bendel-Simso
LuAnn Schumer Berg '99
Michelle H. Biros '74
Marietta E. Booth
Irene Bossenmaier '48
Alan and Theresa Bailey Boyden '71
Helen Boyne, MAOL '03 and Sarah Flynn
David and Catherine Molyneaux Brain '80
Gerald and Catherine Clifford Brennan '70
William and Ruth Haag Brombach '60
Lynn D. Burbank '89, MAOL '96 and Michael P. Garcia
Barbara A. Buhr '46
Robert and Mary Jean Kappel Burch '79
Ellen Butler '90 and Harlen Hegdal
Martin and Patricia Gavin Bailey Campion '60
Elizabeth Wieners Canavati '75
Mary Carey '63
Richard and Beth Riedel Carney '82
Marina Ho Cheung '68
Dr. Robert and Nancy Aberg Christensen '62
Jane Keefe Clifford '45
Andrew and Sara Radke Collova '04
Margaret Conlin-Duevel '80 and James Duevel
Chip and Ann Lachenmayer Connelly '84
Norbert and Mary Ellen Priebe Conzemius '65
Val and Kathleen Hayes Coppo '64
Joan Kuzma Costello '65
Colleen Curran '75
Catherine Davies '77 and Lawrence Johnson
John and Mary Dolan Delaney '58
Mary Elizabeth Dempsey, Ph.D. '50
Sheryle Kee Dirks '89
Angela and Grant Dockendorf
William T. Dolan
Michael and Kathleen Stevens Dougherty '66
Jeanne Scanlan Doyle '89
David and Pat Running Drew '64
Jennifer K. Driscoll '88
Pat Connolly Durkin '55
John and Kay Hinker Ehardt '68
Sidney and Geraldine Faltesek Elicks '42
David E. Emerson
Mary Timbers Evans '51
Robert and Phyllis Gleason Fabiny '53
Janet Fossum Fabio '69
Susan Wollan '84 and Al Fan
Liz M. Fasciana '84
Eugene and Janet DeZurik Faulhaber '57
Linda Bakeberg Flynn '72
The Most Reverend Harry J. Flynn
Marguerite Hoffman Foster '42
Margaret '69 and Stephen Gadient
Ann M. Gallagher '54
Curt and Dawn Galloway
Michael and Frances Culligan Galvin '54
Judith '98 and Donald Gamboni
Joan Mayer Gavin '58
Barbara Greving Gentzkow '78
Mary and Dale Gerding '62
Juliana '93, MAOL '02 and Jeffery Geske-Peer
Thomas and Winifred Wurm Gleason '62
Marie and David Goblirsch
Azela Gohl-Giese '59
Roberta Gorman '63
John and Lucille Ryan Gravelle '49
Debby Gray '66
Patrick and Janet Cassady Gray '78
Joan Gregoryk '66
Yvonne Houle-Gillard '91 and Gary Gillard
Gerald and Kathleen McGraw Gretsch '58
John and Patricia Simms Gries '69
Loren and Mary Ann Leininger Gross '60
Lois J. Gruenenfelder '43
Osiris Guzman '93
Mary Dee Hacker '74 and Steven Nishibayashi
Raymond and Sally Kreher Haik '54
Michael and Skip Worthington Halloran '59
Barbara Pankonie Harding '78
Ann Dougherty Harens '84 and Thomas Harens
Nevin and Marialice Harwood
Robert and Colleen Quirk Healy '58
Suzanne Hendricks
Joanne Kucera Hense '60 and Peter Honsa
William and Virginia Talbert Hickey '79
Don and Dorothy Berg Hodapp '59
Nancy Bowman Holden '61
John and Carol Otte Hopkins '79
Douglas and Kathryn McDonald Hughes '73
Ludmilla Hanson Isaacson '94
Audrey Conard Iversen '50
Mary Beth Muellerleile Iverson '85
Stacy and Dave Jacobson
Faye James '03
Nancy L. Jamieson '80
Annika Jaspers '66
Thomas and Sharon Alexander Jensen '68, MAOL '05
Elizabeth A. Johnson
Kristin A. Johnson '74
Susan Laufer Johnson '76
David and Julie Miller Jones
Karen, MAOL '06 and Erik Jothen
Mary Hoodecheck Joyce '67
Robert and Donna Busch Kasbohm '55
Margaret Bastien Kelsch '58
Jeanette Buczynski Kissinger '53
Ann Ahern Koets '80
Jean Krusemark '72 and Neal Engel
Donna M. Krzmarzick, '62, '86
Richard and Beverly Hesse Lachenmayer '92
Debora, MAOL '03 and Charles Lance
Gertrude Schoolmeesters Landgren '72
Paulita LaPlante '79
Barbara Elden Larney '84
Paula Bendry Larsen '64
Ann Larson '58
Kathleen F. Leary '74
Lahens '05 and Jenna Madden St. Fleur '07
Sheila Clifford Lind '69
LaVonne Wyffels Lutz '55
Elizabeth Maloney '80 and Ralph Magnusson
Charlotte and Stephen Mardell
Timothy and Patti Cassady Marrinan '77
Marjorie Mathison Hance '70
Kimberly '09 and Daniel McDonald
William and Virginia Claessens McDonald '57
Mary Horgan McDonough '46
Richard and Carol Sims McNamara '69
Pamela J. McNulty
Charles and Mary Albright Michel '71
Rolf and Karen Sherlock Middleton '64
Herbert and Marsha Poeschl Miller '69
Penelope Moyers and Frank Cleveland
Mary Alice Muellerleile '60
Patricia A. Mullen '61
Sally A. Mullen '79
Michael and Jane Randolph Murphy '62
Catherine L. Murray '81
Charles Neerland and Maureen Kelly Neerland '62
Maria Nhambu '67
Kathleen O'Brien '67
Michelle L. O'Brien '93
Carole O'Byrne '70
Patrick, MAT '11 and Kerin McTeigue O'Connor
Veronica (Bonnie) O'Connor '60 and Ron Hopfensperger
Peg O'Keefe '72 and Steve Williamson
Virginia Buckley Orth '62
Thomas J. Pacholl
G. Richard and Peggy Palen
John and Beatrice Mulvehill Palmer, MAT '87
Anita M. Pampusch '62, Ph.D. and Frank J. Indihar, M.D.
William and Molly Rumsey Park '71
Nancy Parlin '56
Patricia Perell '78
Mary Kay Donahugh Perron '64
Henry and Margaret Fesenmaier Pierpan '58
Donna M. Pink '88
Ann L. Piotrowski '73
Dana N. Pollard, MAOL '02
Charlotte Kramer Prentice '56
Diane Sandretzky Pruett '72
Carol Quest '67
R. William and Mary Ann Goodman Reilly '61
Susan E. Rhomberg '80
Joan Mangen Robertson '68, MAOL '99
Craig A. Roger
Thomas J. Rooney
Carla Jean Link Rose '89
Stephen and Patricia Bohen Rowley '66
Carol M. Russell '58
Mary L. Ryan '66
Maxine Schmidt '71 and David Watkins
Eraine Ste Marie Schmit '46
Mary Emery Shearen '75
John and Marla Schumacher Simmet '77
Richard and Mary Jo Kisch Skaggs '61
Mary Vukelich Skenzich '65
Michael and Mary Kuth Skoien '75
Ann Hiniker Skory '59
Eric and Leslie Stacey
Marina B. Stauffer '04
Elizabeth J. Stevens
Caroline C. Stroh
Minda M. Suchan '95
Tess Sullivan
Alice Swan
Mary '84 and Raymond Tahnk-Johnson
Alex and Vickie Halverson Taylor '74
Philip and Rebecca Greene Taylor '77
Richard and Judi Druke Teske '66
Annie Stone Thelen '79
Patrick and Jane Rafferty Thiele
Richard and Linda Theis Thrasher '88
Steven and Katherine Bakula Tinker '94
Elsa K. Tong '75 and William E. Hoke
Haley K. Tsuji '14
Fidelis and Bonnie Hyland Umeh '62
Sandra L. Vargas '91
Richard and Carol Lamphere Vasatka '54
Patricia Giessel Coleman-Vecchie '50
Grace and Kenneth Vos
Marcella Flaten Wartman '49
Sheri J. Weber, MAOL '05  (Mark Weber)
Vera and John Wenzel
E. Theresa Byrne Westine '67
Marianne Wheelock '80 and Scott Kajer
Julie Belle White-Newman and John Newman
Wendy Whitford
Deb Wilfong and Chris Lienert
Mark and Heidi Anderson Wingerd '91
Carolyn Self Wollan '91 and Robert Wollan
Jerome and Barbara Latterell Ziliak '60